Our Story

We want to conquer the stadiums of the world and are going to revolutionize events. We will create light spectacles with thousands of smartphones and we will unite their displays into a single, gigantic display. With these synchronously coordinated displays we can create spectacular optical choreographies and even complex videos.

With our technology, it is possible to connect and control a very large number of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In addition to entertainment, further application areas and businesses can be developed.

We are currently working on an app that is for free and can be used by everyone. The deployment of the app may take place in spring of this year. Next to that we structure our future company and are looking for investors that are willing to join our journey to a new level of entertainment.

Our Target Market

Entertainment Industry


Target Groups from above are faced challenges that should be served with a innovative product:

  1. Shows and sporting events demand increased accompanying entertainment.
  2. Visitors, spectators and participants in general are looking for an increasing involvement.
  3. The use of smartphones and the availability of applications for almost every field of use in life increases day by day.