You have your own app? You are a professional?

Then you should use our App Module!

Bundled IT Competence
App Module Integration

We have a technical solution in the form of an App module that can be integrated in almost every existing App so that you can use your App for custom made visual animations and choreographies. Based on our App module, we can build turnkey solutions for almost every entertainment or crowd based event.

More Features
Pixel Accuracy

We are able to integrate an unlimited number of participants into a choreography with visual animations that are pixel accurate. With our solution you are able to perform letterings, moving pictures and even video sequences. Every modern iPhone and Android device can be used.

Personal Customer Care
Customer Relationship Management

If you are interested, we can discuss the implementation and technical options in a first personal interview. Afterwards, we will examine and check the realisation with your developers or with your IT service provider. We will also develop together a concept for spectacular animations and choreographies so that your event will no one ever forget.